War Bonds


In the year 1545, a lone half-orc, Espen Orso wanders the ruins of what once was his home. He walks in a barren wasteland of burnt trees, foliage, and bodies. What was once a flourishing forest, is now mere ashes due to an on going war between the worlds three most powerful nations: Goi’Maj, the nation of brutes, Quenos, the nation of Lords, and Freeport, the Nation of rebels. The orcs and dwarves of Goi’Maj took to the woods as their cities were being raided by the humans of Freeport. To hamper Goi’Maj even further, they set fire to the forest to burn them out, and did so with success. The orcs and dwarves of Goi’Maj were on the run. Espen had found refuge in his home: a deep cave near the center lake of the woods. Abandoned as a child because of his half-human blood, a mother bear took pity on him because her own child was abnormal. Being raised in the caves and the forests of Goi’Maj, Espen grew to live off of the land and rely on no one except his Ursine brethren (Bears) .

Sorry if this was a little nerdy! But this should be a decent set up for this campaign.



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